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Get me to the church on time! Ten Wedding Day Survival Tips

January 31, 2017

Your wedding day should be relaxing, fun, calm and stress free.

But often the morning before a wedding is stressful and busy as the bride rushes around organzing family, table placecards, speech notes and more.

Here are a few awesome tips from Tina Neville, a hair and makeup artist with over 10 years experience doing weddings in the Bay of Plenty:

  1. Plan and write down a Schedule.
    Write out a plan for the day and give it to everyone (especially the Grooms party)
    Make sure everyone knows where they are supposed to be, when and what they need to do.
    eg 1pm Groom and Groomsmen put up tent on the beach, chairs and 1 table. Grooms sister to decorate.
  2. Always get a full hair and makeup trial a few weeks before the wedding
    This way you know exactly what you are getting and are happy. You get to discuss all the details of your dress, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, colour theme etc with your makeup artist so she can coordinate your wedding parties makeup with everything. You don't want red lipstick with a pale pink bridesmaids dress!
    A full trial also lets the hair and makeup ladies know exactly how long your hair and the bridesmaids hair will take. This can make scheduling the day so much easier.
    You will also know if you have any allergic reactions to any of the products used by the makeup artist.
  3. Meet and discuss with your photographer several times before the day
    Give them exact examples of the type of shots you like.
    Give them a detailed list of family photos you want done after the wedding.
    Be realistic with the amount of time you will need for photos if you are going to travel away from the venue - they ALWAYS take longer!
    Find out exactly what time the photographer wants your hair and makeup finished. This is usually 1 hour BEFORE you have to leave (not 1 hour befor the wedding)
    With hair and makeup done 1 hour before you leave they can get photos of your mum helping you with your dress, the bridesmaids, bubbly with the girls, Mum and Dad crying over you etc.
    It is a good idea to check how long it will take to get from where you are getting ready to the venue. Check traffic, roadworks etc

    You can never over-communicate with people you choose to help on your special day - hair, makeup, venue, photographer, cake, dressmaker etc
    Its makes their job so much easier if they have lots of info from you so they know exactly what you want.

  4. Have all your 'Special items' ready for the photographer on the wedding day.
    Have a clean, tidy space (a bed will do) next to a window set aside on your wedding day. Here you should put all the special things photographers usually ask for.
    A blank wedding inviation, jewelery, garter, perfume, shoes, lingerie (ah not the Bridget Jones ones LOL), rings, veil, family heilooms etc
    Having all this ready means you won't be running around trying to find it all when they inevitably ask for it all.
  5. Don't start drinking alcohol too early!
    Even if you desperately feel like a wine at 9am because you are so nervous - don't! Reach for the Rescue Remedy instead. Its a homeopathic remedy to calm the nerves.
    Too much alcohol, too early, can dehydrate you and make you sleepy. Wait till after lunch and make sure to have a glass of water in between each glass of bubbles.
  6. Make sure all your bridesmaids know they have to arrive on time to get ready and have no makeup on.
    If a makeup artist has to spend time getting mascara and eye makeup off a BM it throws the schedule all out.
    Also ensure eyebrows are tidy and plucked before the day - this also takes precious time away.
    Check with the hairdresser if they need hair washed the night before.
    Keep all but essential family and friends away when you are getting ready. This is so important.
    You want a quiet, peaceful, calm oasis where you can relax with your girlfriends and get ready.
    Having family dropping in, kids running around and people dropping off gifts is not calming!
    I have done so many weddings where this gets out of control and the poor bride is so frazzled by it.
  8. Keep all small children - flower girls and page boys - away and not dressed up - until the last minute.
    Little ones won't sit still, will play with all the makeup artists expensive makeup, burn themselves on hot GHDs and put sticky fingers on white dresses (YES! I've seen it all) Try and keep them away as long as you can.
  9. EAT!
    Yes, even if you don't feel like it - you must. Stay away from too many carbs that can bloat. Stick to protein like ham, avocado, chicken, bacon, cheese etc.
    You don't want to have your first glass of bubbles at the reception on an empty stomach and nearly pass out.
    Arrange someone to be in charge of lunch on your day - sandwiches, salads, platters etc are great.
  10. Expect the Unexpected.
    Even though you plan and schedule and organise - something will go wrong. Let it go and move on.
    Will you stressing about it make any difference? eg the weather - No? Let it go.....
    You will probably not get alot of sleep the night before your big day and probably get a breakout - I know! Sorry but its what usually happens.
    Don't panic - a good makeup artist will make under eye bags and pimples diminish drastically and a good photographer will airbrush them away.

    Choosing the right professional people on your big day will ensure you have a fantastic day that you'll treasure for ever.

    Good luck and if you want any more help or advice please contact Tina

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