Image and Beauty

Makeup Lesson Special

What is my foundation colour? Where does blusher go?
What is BB cream?

It all seems so complicated so you just don't bother or do what you've done for years and years.
Sound familiar? Help is at hand! Tina can teach you simple tips that will have the compliments flowing and you looking and feeling fabulous
Limited appointments available to BOOK NOW!      
$45 for a 90 min lesson and mini makeover!!      021 565587
Studio in Welcome Bay

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Tina gives a mini makeup talk at the Beau Couture Fashion Show

Makeup lessons with Tina are a great way to get simple and easy to use tips and techniques that will have the compliments flowing!
Learn all the tricks and techniques from a professional makeup artist

Are you still wearing the same makeup? Applying it the same way since you were a teenager?
Don't know what to buy?

Where did you learn about makeup? From your Mum? A magazine?
Tina can give you practical, easy advice on everything to do with makeup.
She will show you how to use what products you have and suggest what you should buy.
Don't waste money buying the wrong makeup! 

With a few extra brushes most people can create fab looks with the makeup they already have. You don't need alot of makeup - it needs to be applied in the right way - Tina's always hears "Wow this is so much easier than I thought it would be!"
Makeup is fun and it can make you look amazing if you know how!
As a busy working Mum of 2, Tina knows all about the morning rush and how little time you have for yourself in the mornings! She can show you how to look great in just 5 minutes!
Or how about 10 years younger in 10 minutes?!

Makeup lessons are ONLY $85 for 90mins.

Invest in yourself! After a lesson with Tina you'll feel confident applying makeup and you'll see how easy it is and how much fun!
Friendly and helpful Tauranga makeup artist Tina Neville will give you great advice on how to apply makeup quickly and effortlessly

Makeup lessons with Tina are a great way to invest in yourself - Look Good - Feel Great!

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